Conductivity Digital, Online Metering System – EC Guard

The EC Guard is a smart and user friendly device for measuring the electric conductivity of a liquid.

We can program the EC Guard so that when the conductivity exceeds the limit we have set, to activate a visual alarm (red ligft) and a relay output. Activation takes place after a delay time that has been set during our programming. The EC Guard system also measures and displays temperature indication if a temperature sensor be connected.

On the front side, there is a led, 4-digit screen which shows the conductivity and the temperature measurements and the programming options. The device is controlled by 3 buttons. The flasher (green led) shows the device’s normal operation and blinks every second when it displays the conductivity and twice a second when it displays the temperature.

The device is accompanied by CE and ISO 9001 certificates.


  • Screen : 4 digit LCD
  • Zeroing: YES
  • Sloping  : YES
  • Relay touch : YES (one)
  • Delay relay : YES (programmable)
  • Function Temperature : 0-50 ° C
  • Room humidity : 0-95 % humidity without condensation
  • One point contuctivity calibration
  • Κ type electrode = 1 with 1/2 BSPT thread
  • Conductivity range : 0 / 1999 μS
  • Electrical supply : 12 VDC
  • Weight : 147g
  • Dimensions : 125mm 70mm  35mm
Αγωγιμόμετρο EC guard
Μονάδα αντίστροφης όσμωσης PRF R.O. 80 (παραγωγή 80 lt/ώρα)με εγκατεστημένο αγωγιμόμετρο EC guard. Ιδανική λύση και για οικιακή χρήση.
Διάταξη αντίστροφης όσμωσης Commercial Combo 160 ( παραγωγή 160 lt/ ώρα) με εγκατεστημένο αγωγιμόμετρο EC guard.