Temperature Management System – Thermo Guard

Thermo Guard controller covers a wide range of applications where temperature control and stabilization is vital e.g. Food processing machines, packaging machines, heating-cooling systems, etc. Easy installation and operation. It is equipped with the latest automatic adjustment algorithm, which significantly reduces the setup and installation time of the machine.

Unique efficiency. High sampling speed and high precision are some of the features of the instrument. But its main advantage comparing with a common thermostat is automatic PID control that improves stability and precision in process regulation. This has a direct effect on the final product quality, energy saving, etc.

Thermo Guard can control up to 4 independent channels with separate PID settings for each channel. It has the ability to self-regulate so that it always intervenes optimally in the process.

Technical Features

  • 4 input channels, up to 6 output channels
  • Can be selected either PID Auto Tuning or On / Off mode
  • Accuracy: Usually ± 0.3% FSV depends on the type of sensor
  • 24V DC operation
  • Available sensors: Thermocouple (K, J, T, N, E, R, S Type), Pt100 or NTC thermistor
  • The outputs can be, relays, transistors, ssr, PWM, 420mA
  • Contact with Pc or other devices via USB, rs485­ 232, ethernet, MODBUS RTU.
  • The device is accompanied by CE and ISO 9001 certificates.
Thermo Guard control panel
Τυροκομείο με εγκατεστημένο σύστημα Thermo Guard.
Εγκατάσταση Thermo Guard σε πίνακα ελέγχου μονάδας ψύξης - θέρμανσης.