Greenhouse Management System – Green House Guard

Cultivating plants in a controlled environment such as the greenhouse is a complex process with various parameters that can directly or indirectly affect the productivity of the crop.

ANALYSIS VITA, with years of experience in measurement and automation systems, enables all growers who are already in greenhouse cultivation or are in the process of being implemented, to control and regulate all the factors that affect crop productivity, thereby capturing significant and multiple benefits.

These benefits have to be calculated:

  • The direct response of electromechanical equipment at the different parts of the production processes. The response is based on the weather conditions (external temperature, wind speed, rainfall, humidity etc) and the needs of the growing crop so that there is constantly the best production.
  • Directly informing the grower of any wrong process related with the production of the crop. The update takes care of the possibility of damage to a system and the possibility of extreme weather conditions in the greenhouse cultivation environment.
  • Saving time and money for the grower, coupled with the ability to know and control the conditions in its greenhouse farming wherever it is.
  • The recording of the data to be processed to identify deficiencies in the mode of production and to draw conclusions on how to improve the production process.

In existing units, the upgrading takes place over the equipment you already have installed in the greenhouse with minor modifications and minimal cost.

ANALYSIS VITA’s Green House Guard enables the greenhouse manager to automatically control and adjust operating conditions and parameters such as:

  • The external weather conditions (wind speed, temperature, humidity, rainfall etc.) through reliable and efficient, industrial, state-of-the-art sensors.
  • Optimum operation of the electromechanical equipment based on the above conditions (opening or closing windows or parts of the roof etc).
  • Indoor conditions (air humidity, soil moisture, air and soil temperature, oxygen levels, carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, etc.).
  • Based on the above measurements, the commissioning or stopping of an automatic watering system, a ventilator, a heat pump or a boiler, a carbon dioxide delivery system, etc.

In all ANALYSIS VITA Green House Guard systems, the grower has the ability to be constantly informed through his PC – smartphone or control remotely the plant. PC communication with other devices is achieved through USB, rs485 232, Ethernet, MODBUS RTU (via expansion cards).

It is also possible to install perimeter beams to protect the facility from violations and criminal acts. By installing the beams, if for any reason the installation is breached, the owner as well as whoever is appointed (security companies, etc.) is informed immediately.

All ANALYSIS VITA’s Green House Guard units are built with industry-leading materials from the world’s leading international brands and are equipped with a state-of-the-art PLC for maximum reliability, performance and durability. Also all units in the series are accompanied by CE and ISO 9001 certifications.

Αυτόματο άνοιγμα ή κλείσιμο παραθύρων οροφής θερμοκηπίου με το σύστημα Green House Guard.
Σύστημα Green House Guard εγκατεστημένο σε μικρή μονάδα θερμοκηπίου.
Πλήρης αυτοματοποίηση και έλεγχος όλων των παραμέτρων και των λειτουργιών του θερμοκηπίου με το σύστημα Green House Guard.