Water Disinfection – Sterilization

In most cases, water disinfection is required to eliminate the microorganisms with which it is burdened, before use. ANALYSIS VITA offers complete water disinfection solutions, using the following methods.

Ultraviolet Radiation Systems

Their basic operating principle has been known for about a hundred years. In recent years, however, with the use of technologically sophisticated materials, the efficiency of these devices has risen sharply and their use is now extremely widespread, starting from home and reaching the industrial level.

Inside the UV lamp system, water passes along an ultraviolet lamp. UV radiation activates a photochemical, intramolecular reaction at a wavelength of 253.7 nm, resulting in split of the cell membrane, as well as DNA and RNA.

The result is that there is no reproduction of micro-organisms that are fatally destroyed. The disinfectant capacity of each device, depends on the amount of the absorbed energy . For this reason, the maximum remaining time within the unit is desirable. Since its principle of operation is an electromagnetic phenomenon, physicochemical parameters of water (PH, conductivity, REDOX, taste, odor) remain unchanged.

The lamp is protected from cooling and water from a quartz tube. It makes the lamp replacement very easy and without having to drain the water from the system. The same simple way can be removed or replaced and the quartz tube.

ANALYSIS VITA’s UV disinfection units have disinfection capabilities ranging from 200 liters to more than 5.000 liters per hour.

Τομή λάμπας UV
Συσκευή απολύμανσης νερού με υπεριώδη ακτινοβολία UV.
Ειδική διάταξη επεξεργασίας νερού με αντίστροφη όσμωση, ρητίνη απονιτροπίησης και λάμπα UV για απολύμανση του παραγόμενου νερού.

Automatic Chlorination Devices

Chlorination is achieved by the addition of chlorine, sodium hypochlorite (Na0Cl) or other chlorine compounds into water, using dosing pumps. Dosing pumps are designed to drop small amounts of chlorine into water, over a certain amount of water or at specific time intervals.

ANALYSIS VITA chlorinators can be equipped with measuring instruments, control panel, built-in PLC, and BMS connections, to be fully automated and enable remote operation (real-time monitoring, alarms, control and programming). The aforementioned units are accompanied by detailed instruction manuals and are user friendly. It is also possible to combine with instruments that measure and control other physicochemical parameters such as Ph, Redox, Conductivity etc.

All of the above features make these devices ideal for installation in drinking water networks, hot water networks, swimming pools, hydromassage, etc.

Διάταξη αυτόματης χλωρίωσης πισίνας με ηλεκτρόλυση άλατος.
Διάταξη Pool guard advanced. Aυτόματος έλεγχος και ρύθμιση παραμέτρων νερού πισίνας.
Διάταξη Pool guard advanced για πισίνα. Αυτόματη χλωρίωση και ρύθμιση Ph και θερμοκρασίας.