Pump & Machine Room Supervising System – Pump Guard

Pump Guard protects pump systems from malfunctions that can cause serious damage to the equipment. Pump Guard continuously monitors the operating parameters of the pumping system. If a malfunction occurs in the system, Pump Guard disables the pump and activates an alarm (siren, light, etc.) or a signal in the BMS (Building Management System). In order to restart the pump system, the alarm condition must be manually disabled. Pump Guard is a comprehensive protection system for pumps, mechanical equipment (tubes, filters, etc) and generally the engine – pump room.

Pump Guard System:

  • Protects the pumps from cavitation due to incorrect hydraulic system design or occasional operator error.
  • Protects the seals against mechanical damage due to incorrect operating conditions.
  • Protects from dry operation with sensors network.
  • Protects the engine room from flood with a leakage sensor.
  • Protects against the increase of pump temperature in case of output flow limitation or in the case of zero flow.
  • Protection of the piping of filters and other equipment from overpressure in the case of a valve closing in the pump depression.
  • All the above information is sent to the BMS (Building Management System).
  • The device is accompanied by CE and ISO 9001 certificates.
Pump guard control panel για έλεγχο της λειτουργίας του αντλιοστασίου.
Διάταξη επίδειξης λειτουργίας Pump guard.
Ενδεικτικό σχέδιο εγκατάστασης Pump guard.